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William S. Brown

W. Scott is a writer and creative spirit. Born in the big city and raised in a small town, he constantly dreams of what lies beyond the mountains of Pennsylvania. With a constant cup of coffee in his hand, W. Scott can be found with either a book in the other or a laptop in his lap. He is currently working on his next poetry collection and debut novel. William will be at the Festival on Friday.


Wire Wood & Whimsy

Karen Mothersbaugh creates beautiful wire trees, mosaic trees and jewelry, and other whimsical and wonderful things! Karen will be at the Festival on Saturday only.


Kringlis Crafts

Hand painted items: bottles with lights, glasses, slates and more.


Rooted in Faith

Find them on Instagram

We are a family owned plant business located inLewisburg P.A. inside of Acacia Tattoo Co.


Music and Movement in a Box

Music and Movement in a Box was created in 2021 by pianist and teacher Amy E. Gustafson to give children ages 2 - 5 an all-in-one kit that provides a fun, positive and dynamic experience with classical music.


Chienne Pawtisserie

Our mission is to bake your pup happy! We are committed to baking and serving fresh treats for your dog using only high-quality ingredients and no natural or artificial preservatives. Your dog is exceptional, so why not give him/her exceptional, artisan treats from Chienne Pawtisserie? We will be at the ARTS Festival only on Friday evening, come get some treats!


Squeak's Camping Adventure

Written by April Smith

April Smith lives in Milton, PA with Mr. Smith. She lives in a little house on top of a hill with terrific views. She was a teacher for 30 years, who has only recently begun to make her dream come true of writing books for children. April will be at the Festival on Saturday and will also be reading from her book, check the schedule for more information!


Mindy Lamprinos

Painting and Photography
Mindy will be at the Festival on Saturday.

patti 3.jpg

Patti Shearer Troxell

Find her on Etsy at PattisGiftShop

Sterling silver and leather jewelry.

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Gray Hill Wood Works

Locally made by Doc Simpler

Handmade wood items.


The Big Chee Food Truck

Grilled sandwiches, tots, slushies


Civil War Cider

Civil War Cider is located in the Historic District of downtown Lewisburg, PA.  We are the only producer of artisinal cider and mead in Union County.  We make Civil War styled ciders and experiment with new ciders.  Cider tastings will be offered during the Festival.

269823386_10222179058768312_3140323473713500870_n (2).jpg

Art for Everyone with Reba Rohrer

Don’t Miss Out

Participants of all ages will explore the meaning of art through personal choice and expression. Friday's session will be for adults, On Saturday there will be a session for kids and a session for adults. Check the schedule for more information.


Barb Yorks portraying Susanna Wesley

Unique and Original

A perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day weekend! On Saturday Barb Yorks will give a "living history style" portrayal of Susanna Wesley (1669-1742). Susanna was the mother of 19 children. Susanna faithfully tried to live within the confines of the domestic sphere prescribed for women of her time, but she also succeeded in making a mark in history not only through her two sons, John and Charles Wesley, but also for the bold things she attempted
as a woman. Despite the limitations on women in her day, Susanna exercised an independence of conscience as she followed the truths of Scripture, serving her family AND her community with her spiritual insights and wisdom.


Micro Theatre on Broadway

Here's your chance to do a little acting! On Friday, adults can join in reading some very short plays. On Saturday kids and adults are invited to read short scenes from Peter Pan. Costumes provided!


Tarry Shop

Not only are we a bookstore and a gift shop, but John and Elaine have also used their creative gifts to handcraft a variety of items that will be for sale at the Festival!

pbn ad pic.jpg

Community Paint-By-Number

Local artist Becka Warfel has designed a floral paint-by-number for everyone to participate in painting. Add your mark, sign your name, and purchase a raffle ticket to win the final piece when it's complete! There will also be some DIY painting activities for all-ages - create your own piece of art to take home!


Saxman Ravi

One of our area's favorite local musicians! Come hear Saxman Ravi play on Friday night.


Tricia Kline, Author

Tricia Kline is an award-winning journalist and published author. She loves geography, and has a particular fondness for chai tea. Tricia will be at the Festival on Saturday.


J.M. Kline, Magician

J  is an entertainer with experience in the arts of illusion and interpretive mime. He is an avid reader, enjoys visiting toy stores, and loves chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.


Arthur Sterngold

Fine Art Photography

"As a photographer, my goal is to create images that celebrate the many pleasures and surprises of living in our part of the Pennsylvania heartland, as many talented photographers and artists have done before me. I still aspire to create photographs that have artistic merit, but I want them to be images that local residents can enjoy and relate to. Photographs that remind us that our region is more than just a faceless expanse of flyover country between the east and west coasts"

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